Vini di Luce Seal

Vini di Luce is a young and dynamic company providing an all round service to wine producers who are looking for support in the organic and biodynamic conversion of their vineyards, and want to continue this practice into their cellars. Vini di Luce works side by side with producers to implement a philosophy based on respect for the land and the indigenous grape varieties.

Founded in 2010 by Alessandro Filippi, Vini di Luce’s goal is to help our producers to make wine that reflect origin as well as originality. In order to reach that goal we apply organic and sustainable methods in the vineyards to produce grapes in the most natural way possible. To get that sense of origin in the glass we do as little as possible in the cellar.

Vini di Luce’s support does not only focus on the viticultural and oenological side of the
estates and producers we advise, but our support goes much further. We continue to assist
our producers with the national and international marketing of their wines and providing
commercial and financial consultancy in order to create sustainable and healthy businesses.

We strongly believe in the relevance of our philosophy and the knowledge and experience of
Alessandro Filippi in the field of organics and biodynamics. To explain our philsopophy and
our particular way of working we run courses, seminars and tastings for professionals and
wine lovers alike. We use these to show the radical changes our approach has in the vineyard
as well as in the glasss.