The technique of green manure, or planting different plant species to increase soil fertility.

The technique of green manure consists in planting plants of different species among the rows in order to break up the monoculture and thus increase the fertility of the soil. Traditional agriculture cultivates the same species throughout the land, thus creating agronomic congestion.

In nature there is always a consortium, there are always different species together. This is the reason for our choice to adopt the technique of green manure. We sow among the rows of the herbaceous crops that go to rebalance certain imbalances that have occurred with the traditional monoculture. For example, the grasses make a stable organic substance, that is carbon of vegetable origin, whose importance I have already talked about in terms of soil fertility.

Before proceeding with the technique of green manure, we analyze the soil so as to create specific mixes that help restore the situation ruined by traditional agriculture.

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The green manure nourishes, detoxifies, oxygenates and reintroduces the insects useful for cultivation.  

Even with the technique of green manure, the monoculture is still maintained: in short, if we want grapes, we cultivate the vine. And in the autumn, winter and spring rest periods we sow these plants that rebalance, fertilize and improve the soil.

The benefits in the soil are multiple. The herbaceous plants of green manure bring specific nutrients, such as vegetable carbon, and detoxify from excesses of copper, pesticides and various virosis carried by nematodes. Moreover, these plants bring oxygen and bring back into the field a whole series of useful insects that have been reduced due to monoculture and herbicides, chemical fertilizers and antiparasitic treatments.

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The seed for green manure “Vini di Luce” also has micro-organisms useful for the soil and for the roots of the vine.


Injections of microorganisms

With the seeds of green manure we also insert a series of microorganisms. This is to encourage and increase the growth of the seed itself, and to ensure that these micro-organisms are transferred to the roots of the plants.

The same technique we apply it to other crops. For example, the seeds of Senatore Cappelli with which we make pasta in Sicily we mix them with our micro-organisms. We use a series of microorganisms in powder that are mixed with the seed. The microorganism passes through the seed tegument and, when the plant grows, develops without even needing to be fertilized. We combine our products with micro-organisms also with fertilizers based on vegetable carbon.

And when we work properly, not only the scent of the earth changes, but also the energy itself. And, you will not believe it, even that can be measured and corrected.

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