«The forest grows luxuriant thanks to light and carbon, without human intervention»

Alessandro Filippi


carbonio vegetale

1. The terrain of the forest in the fields

More natural plant carbon and less nitrogen
Micro-organisms useful for the life of plants
Increased light absorption capacity, more efficient roots and healthier plants
nutrizione fogliare

2. Foliar nutrition

Herbal Teas from medicinal plants
Water “Rigenera” (Regenerate) dynamized
Rapid absorption by the plant of nutrients and reharmonization of energies

3. Green manure and Biodiversity

Interruption of monoculture
Planting of useful plants and grasses among the rows
Enrichment of green manure seeds with microorganisms
Nutrients, detoxification of the soil, oxygen and insects useful in the field

4. Thin Energies

Search for geopathogenic points
Rebalancing of subtle energies
Dynamization of water and transmission of correct vibrations
Wines and products more vital and bioavailable

carbonio vegetaleLet’s observe the forest: it is alive, it is powerful, it is fertile soil, yet no one fertilizes it and cares for it. What’s its secret?

The intuition of the Light and Carbon Farming was born in me when I learned of studies dating back to the late nineteenth century, beginning of the twentieth century, on why woodland is so fertile compared to agricultural land.

In the woods there is no one who goes to fertilize or carry out treatments, but there are mighty plants growing like oaks, beeches or cypresses. Plants that can even penetrate the rock on substrates that in practice have only a thin layer of earth. What is it that allows all this strength, this power?

Studies have shown that the merit of so much fertility of the soil is of vegetal carbon coming from the slow degradation of lignin


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