nutrizione fogliare

Leaf nutrition gives us an edge in the recovery of the vine.

Foliar nutrition is an additional aid that we use in the recovery of grapevines and other plants in difficulty. It is not said, in fact, that by giving the plant the products based on vegetable carbon we can immediately get a result. If the plant is half dead and has little root activity, the process is slow.

So we also use the vegetative apparatus to make certain elements absorb faster and more directly. It is always microelements, but this time obtained through plant extraction of products obtained from medicinal plants. These extracts have a greater functionality, a greater capacity for absorption by the plant.

Our herbal teas are extracts of officinal plants, such as chamomile, alfalfa, horsetail, burdock and many others. Nutrient extraction takes place cold so as to keep all the active ingredients and not lose important nutrients.

The water that we use for the extraction is treated by us through  process of dynamization in order to make the tisanes highly bioavailable for the cells of the plant through the leaf nutrition. Our water is called Rigenera.

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The studies of scientists like Plank, Masaru and Del Giudice allowed us to create dynamized water.

Before talking about Regenera water used in foliar nutrition, we need to step back and quote Max Plank, father of quantum physics, who wrote: “All matter does not exist except by virtue of a force that makes the particles vibrate and keeps this tiny atomic solar system “. In other words, since the atoms are composed of 99.99% of empty space, all the things that seem solid to us, that we touch, are actually made of empty space and of atoms that vibrate at certain frequencies giving the effect of solidity. Matter is vibration and vibrations are nothing but energy and information.

Other scholars, such as Masaru Emoto and Emilio Del Giudice have shown that water is able to carry information related to vibrations. Water, present in abundance in all living things, is not only the vehicle of the nourishing elements of herbal teas but, when properly treated, is also able to absorb and transfer vibrations and information to the plant.


acqua rigeneraRegenerating water is the secret that makes our herbal teas highly bioavailable.

We have created the Regenerate water that we use in our foliar nutrition systems. We treat water with a system of dynamization and information, that is a system that transfers certain vibrations to the water we use to extract substances from medicinal plants, making these products highly bioavailable for the cell. Cells, all cells, even those of plants, are able to perceive these vibrations and if they are considered vital they are absorbed faster.

In agriculture we tend to give large quantities of the active ingredient, but in reality this is not what matters, it is bioavailability. So many times the process is inversely proportional: the less and more the plant uses it. If you give too much to the plant it rejects it and activates a defense mechanism to eliminate that excess of nutrition.

In agriculture, nowadays, tends more and more to monoculture, that is to cultivate only one plant species on the whole soil, but this creates an agronomic congestion. That’s why we operate the “green manure“.

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