vini di luceThe Italian wine scene. From mass production to organic, natural, biodynamic, and Vini di Luce.

Once all these care and attention have been paid to the territory, nutrition and energy, we are ready to obtain a natural wine, a biodynamic wine with something more. Before continuing, let’s take a look at the oenological panorama.

You must know that in the enology there is everything, other than natural wines or biodynamic wines. There are yeasts that transform, which change flavor to wine. And then tannins that give tastes of anything and a whole series of chemical and / or physical processes that allow you to get the most diverse tastes. Does not it seem strange that some wines always have the same taste? Yet nature, time, change from year to year.

The organic wine protects the consumer according to the rules of organic farming that plans to grow without the use of synthetic chemicals that penetrate the plant, endotherapic and cytotropic, without herbicides and insecticides, limiting the use of copper in cultures and some oenological practices such as reducing the limit of sulfur dioxide in wine. A further step forward is the natural wine that limits even more the use of copper and sulfur in vineyards, sulfur dioxide in wines and is achieved by excluding or limiting enological adjuvants and admitting a few targeted interventions by man. The biodynamic wine adds respect for the phases of nature, such as the lunar ones, which dictate the times and rhythms of the interventions and the use of some products for agriculture called “biodynamic preparations”. We add to our natural-biodynamic our Light and Carbon Farming, micro-organisms of the forest, nutrition and energy regeneration. All things that make our wines from the Vini di Luce.

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vini di luce

We are the least invasive as possible so as to obtain a wine with all the taste and energy of the territory.

In winemaking we try to keep everything we have built in the countryside. We are not going to alter what nature has given us. We accompany discreetly the process of transformation of the sugars into alcohol, then of the grape from must to wine. The wine filtration processes are excluded or limited to the strict minimum, taking care to use only inert materials able to maintain the precious colloidal substances that reach the wine directly from the ground. With the method of Light and Carbon, in fact, we are not talking only about colloidal enology but colloidal agronomy.

We intervene in processes, such as in wine cutting, only when it is the right time, when nature says it. Only yeasts that do not alter the aromatic content of the territory are used. We also pay great attention to the maintenance of the energies and information that accompanied the whole process from the earth, through the plant and the fruit, to the wine. We want that in our bottle there is all the taste and energy of the territory.

cristallografia VisionLab


«The crystallographic behavior of this WINE is very similar to some of the most significant crystallographic dynamics of wine analyzed in our laboratory in Switzerland since 1996.

The characteristic of WINE is that of the perfect “plant-like” form with dendridic growth, already measured and captured in the rare forms of crystallographic harmony of other bio-dynamic wines.

Judgment S.A.T. VERY GOOD. On behalf of the Visionlab laboratory, we congratulate you on the result achieved ».

09/15/2013, VisionLab Soyana

logo XXSOurs is a path. The “DiVini e di Luce” guarantee seal certifies that the entre course has been completed.

There are many obstacles that stand between us and obtaining a natural wine or a biodynamic wine. The grapes alone tend to go into vinegar, but once we have a truly natural and vital soil, it is logical that we also have more antioxidants in the grapes. We can therefore allow ourselves to make wine in a more natural way, we can use less sulphites. Moreover we can exploit the spontaneous fermentation process always guaranteeing to the consumer a good and pleasant wine. This is our result and who has the brand, has everything certified!

All this is not achieved overnight but it is a path. It’s not that when they call us for assistance we can say we do not use anything anymore, it takes time! It is a path in the soil and a path in winemaking, in the gradual reduction of enological adjuvants. At the end of the process each element will be restored according to nature and the wine will obtain theDiVini e di Luce” seal of guarantee.

logo XXSElectroculture and vibrational cultivation. With Gilles Mattioli and his collaborators.

Electroculture is an ancient technique. It was born with the observation of plants: in the presence of electromagnetic fields they grow much more luxuriant, beautiful and vital. Starting from 1700, therefore, attempts were made to apply active current and then to make plants grow with passive currents.
With the end of the Second World War, electroculture fell into oblivion and was only rediscovered in France at the end of the 20th century. We begin to research new techniques, reproducing ancient technologies and we obtain great results, with growths ranging, depending on the crops, from 20 to 200%.
A further step is underway, combining electroculture with a greater awareness of the vibrations used with the aim of promoting the natural processes that allow bringing fertility to the soils. This allows to further increase the quality of the products that distinguishes the company. The Vini di Luce method, which favors the development of life and the restoration of the soil, is now integrated and enhanced by electroculture, in a symbiosis that makes both techniques more effective and absolutely complementary. We can therefore speak of a vibrational cultivation.
The integration of the Vini di Luce method with electroculture techniques favors greater production, greater quality and greater resistance of the plants to parasites and diseases.
Using the right electromagnetic fields helps create phenomena of water rising from the soil, increasing its availability for the plant, favors biochemical exchanges in the soil and the formation of a fertile substrate.
All life develops thanks to electromagnetic fields and the quality of these is decisive for establishing the health or poor development of a plant. Using them responsibly is essential to favor the creation of an ideal environment for the growth and vitality of plants, without forgetting that these will also and above all benefit human beings.
Vini di Luce, with the help of specialized consultants, is engaged in the research and development of technologies that work in excellence in this area, with innumerable advantages in terms of product quality and vitality.

If you want to know more about the Light and Carbon Farming and the Vini di Luce method.
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The products that respect the protocol obtain the guarantee seal “DiVini e di Luce”.