Analisi qualitative

Before adopting the subtle energies theories we carried out accurate field tests and analyzed the results obtained in the laboratory.

As we said about bioavailability, quantum physics teaches us that we, and everything around us, are immersed in so-called subtle energies: everything is vibration and energy. The ancients, although they do not know physics as we know it, made great use of these energies, but today we are no longer used to observing them and exploiting them to our advantage.

In recent decades, research has stumbled back into these energies by re-evaluating and rediscovering beliefs that seemed only folklore of the past. We approached these theories with skepticism too, but practical application had to make us think again. On the field it becomes easy to notice how in some circumscribed areas the plants grow with different shapes or give different fruits compared to others, but to give us even more confidence was to notice how all the problems we faced disappear and the quality of the product changes intervening with the reharmonization techniques of subtle energies.

We did not content ourselves with the observation and we wanted to analyze the products we obtained at the Swiss laboratories VisionLab, active since 1996. These laboratories are specialized in the analysis of the bio-chemical and bio-dynamic properties of the products through the technique of crystallography spagyric. Well, the products that we harmonized were of the highest quality.

Bioenergetic water condensation

In the presence of subtle energies, water condensation also takes on harmo-nious forms.

biodisponibilitàSubtle energies condition bio-availability and vitality.

Usually we do not give weight to these anomalies related to the subtle energies because with the chemistry, the selected yeasts and the filtrations, you can still get good wine. Good, however, only from a physical-chemical point of view, no more energetic. What does it mean? It means that the cells of our body are not said to absorb the element: it is correct from the gustative point of view, it is good, but it is not said that the cells recognize it as vital and therefore absorb it.

The problem also occurs in the field of natural wine. All the less intrusive techniques used reduce the risk of loss of biochemical and bioenergetic qualities during processing. But if the basic product is not energetically high or the cellar environment is congested, the wine will at best be good, not vital. And it does not matter that it is without sulfites!


energiaOur method also includes an analysis and reharmonization of subtle energies.

To verify the subtle energies of the territory we make precise analyzes of all the involved environments, from the vineyards to the cellars, and we can identify the so-called geopathogenic nodes, ie the points in which there are low energies or obstacles to life itself. In the presence of these energies the production process is more difficult.

Furthermore, we have created systems to re-harmonize certain congested situations using precise forms. Of the harmonic forms that come from the study of the golden proportions. Everything in nature is made with certain proportions and we are able to transmit the correct vibrations to the earth and to the plants so as to restore the purity of the subtle energies. The same products that we use, like the Rigenera water, have high vibrations and therefore constantly feeding the plant, the plant absorbs these energies and rebalances itself.

With the soil rich in carbon, with the right microorganisms, the right allies in green manure plants and insects, with the reharmonized and bio-available subtle energies, the grapes are now ready to be transformed into wine.

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From vines grown with Light and Carbon Agriculture we have grapes, now it is necessary to transform them into a Vino di Luce.