Light and carbon agricultureagricoltura della luce e del carbonio

Autochthonous yeasts, natural fermentationvini di luce

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Certificates “DiVini e di Luce”logo XXS

logo XXSThe seal of guarantee “DiVini e di Luce” (that means “Divine and of Light” and also “DiVini e di Luce”)certifies a path, from the ground to the plate or to the glass, absolutely healthy and natural, as it once was.

We talked about how the Light and Carbon Farming allows us to grow healthy and strong plants, without using any chemical substance or changing the natural composition of the soil. In this way we obtain fruits as they once were, rich in taste and with the true taste of the territory. We also talked to you about the Vini di Luce method which involves a little invasive vinification and always respectful of the taste of nature and the territory. So much so that different vintages give wines with similar tastes but never the same, as of course it is!

Behind all this, beyond the theory, there are many men who put it into practice and believe in the health of the consumer and the territory itself, people able to look beyond the easy and immediate gain.

Let’s think about it, who will ever tell us about your product that is not healthy, natural, good? They also say those who import the raw material by ship from who knows which countries, with who knows what controls or rules on substances used in cultivation.

That’s why we created this seal. We are here, we are really present on the spot, in the fields and in the cellars. And we monitor and guarantee that all the way is done in Italy according to our rules. Everything must be natural, everything must be as it used to be, there must be no chemistry, genetics or even agricultural land rich in nitrogen. The finished products are then analyzed in the laboratory in search of pesticides for further verification. And this applies to any crop, that’s why we certify “DiVini e di Luce” also wheat, olives, vegetables, ..

Many foods, before the arrival of the industrialization, were “alicaments”, that is therapeutic for the body, because they are able to be digested and integrated with the maximum assimilation of the nutritive principles, naturally present. The foodstuffs certified by us with the “DiVini e di Luce” seal of guarantee are not only healthy, but highly bioavailable, vibrant and contain the information and energy of the territory and of those who made them with love.



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