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The company was founded in 1992 by the current owner Igor Grgič, who inherited the small agricultural property from his grandfather and turned it into a winery.

There are no vineyards in the area where the company is located, as the area around Padriciano is one of the most arid and cold in the karst plateau, looking for vineyards to rent in the surrounding areas. Thus it finds hospitality in the valley of San Dorligo – Dolina.

The current production is around 8000 bottles.

The white grape, Malvasia, is vinified in 5 hectolitre oak barrels for over 8 months; of Vitovska, on the other hand, 30% in barriques are vinified and the remaining 70% in steel; the red grape is macerated on the skins for about 5 days and then left to refine in barrique for 10 months.

The Grgič wines have deserved the “Vini di Luce” seal of guarantee.

malvasia grgic

Carso – Kras DOC

Of ancient origin of the Cretan region of Malèvisi (Μαλέβιζι), Malvasia has landed in different parts of the Mediterranean on the routes of ancient trade. They produce different types, each with its own characteristics derived from climates, land and non-homogeneous techniques. It is a fairly adaptable screw that gives its best in sunny locations and produces a medium-bodied alcoholic, fruity and slightly aromatic wine.

Vitovska Grgic

Venezia Giulia IGT

Vitovska can be considered as an autochthonous variety, in fact there is no trace in other Mediterranean regions. Ancient, rustic vine, able to withstand the cold whipping of the winter Bora and the drought of the hot season. Rediscovered in recent years, thanks to a skilful work of recovery by some producers. It produces a wine that intrigues, modern for its finesse and elegance, moderately alcoholic and with a slight hint of almond.

Venezia Giulia IGT

Refosco is an intense purplish red wine that tends to garnet with aging; it has a vinous, distinctive and dry, full, warm, slightly bitterish scent. It is advisable to serve it at a temperature of 16-18 ° C.
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