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The passion for the land was born in the early twentieth century with the purchase by the Doria family of the farm called “La Vermietta”. Today, in addition to owning vineyards for an area of ​​more than 20 hectares, Elisabetta and Cristina with the creation of Cantine Di Mezzaluna, an all-female reality in the wine world, renew the tradition by combining it with the natural techniques of cultivation and vinification.

The land is located in two areas of the Oltrepò Pavese, each identified with its own “terroir”.

At Montalto Pavese, the thirteen hectares located in the hills and facing south-west, have a homogeneously layered profile with clay mixed with sand with a good amount of active limestone. This texture gives particular structure to red wines and enhances the varietal aromas of white wines.

In Montù Beccaria in the Valle Versa, the seven hectares arranged on a medium hill and facing south, south-west, have a similar profile with prevalence of silt. This texture particularly enhances the characteristics of red grape varieties.

The company produces Barbera, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero.

The Halfmoon wines have deserved the “Vini di Luce” seal of guarantee.


Color: pale straw yellow.
Bouquet: intense, fresh and fruity, with notes of golden apple.
Taste: fresh, sapid, elegant with excellent persistence.

Pinot Grigio Mezzaluna


Color: pale straw yellow.
Bouquet: elegant, intense, frank, with fruity and floral scents.
Taste: good structure, balanced and dry taste with a pleasant persistence.

Rugà Mezzaluna

(Cabernet-Merlot) PGI

Color: ruby ​​red
Bouquet: intense, dominated moss, licorice, berries and truffles.
Taste: dry, rightly tannic.
Pinot Nero Mezzaluna


Color: light ruby red, which after a short aging becomes brick red.
Bouquet: harmonious, quite alcoholic, balanced and of good persistence.
Taste: harmonious, quite alcoholic, balanced and of good persistence.

(Barbera) PGI

Color: intense ruby red, limpid and brilliant.
Bouquet: fruity wine with hints of cherry and violet, rightly in body.
Taste: sapid, full and dry, slightly acidic and tannic.
Bonarda Mezzaluna

dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC

Color: deep ruby ​​red with violet or purple reflections.
Bouquet: fine, intense, clean, with clear fruity cadences of almond and berries.
Taste: dry, rightly tannic.
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