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For five generations the Zahar farm has been dedicated to wine and olive production.

This small family is composed of about 3 hectares in small plots located in the area of the former gardens of the city of Trieste. The vineyards and olive groves extend to the southeast end of Trieste: in this meeting point between the Karst and Istria the Malvasia Istriana, the Vitovska and the Refosco are cultivated.

The small winery is located inside a karst cavity, and for the control of fermentation temperature uses the water of a natural spring that flows inside the cellar. Tanks are used for steel fermentation.

The particular territory that unites the Ponka Friulana with the Carso Triestino gives the wines particular minerality also accentuated by the presence of the sea.

Zahar wines deserved the “Vini di Luce” seal of guarantee.

Refosco Zahar

Venezia Giulia IGP

Vitovska Zahar

Venezia Giulia IGP

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Carso – Kras DOC

Carso – Kras DOC



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